Musical Adventures

So tomorrow I am headed down to Santa Cruz for a musical adventure. I can’t wait to see my Santa Cruz peeps and play some tunes for them. But I am nervous about this radio show on Friday. The music thing has always come a little easier than the talking thing. This is my first real radio show and I am kinda terrified that I am going to say something totally lame and/or completely forget how to play my songs. So if you really want to help me out, think happy thoughts for me that everything goes smoothly on Friday (at 8 in the friggin morning!).

Now that the Valentine’s Day rush is over, it’s time for me to get down to business and finish this album! I’ve decided to work towards a CD release/birthday party in June. There is so much to do. Melodies to write. Instruments to record. Pictures to gather. Thoughts to gather. Breathe. It will all come into place beautifully. A wise person told me that when you have a big goal like this you’ve just got to keep picking away at it piece by piece, and then one day you will wake up and you’ll be putting on the finishing touches. So here I go. Pickety-pick picking away. Wish me luck.