Find Shelter Here

I have been working on this album for longer than I care to admit and it is finally getting to the point where the end is in sight. Of course, the end is just another beginning of a whole new phase of shameless self-promotion, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I think you are really going to like this. The mixes are sounding great and there are a lot of cool cameos from talented musicians to spice up the piano and vocal you are already familiar with.

This is primarily an album of early songs that I wanted to give the full studio treatment to, but there are a few newer tunes that somehow snuck in there as well. The title of the album is Find Shelter Here and there are no less than 16 tracks so you will be getting your money's worth. ;-)

I'm shooting for a CD release/birthday party in mid-late June, I will be keeping you posted as soon as the details are finalized. But I am toying around with putting together a little band for this one so it could be quite interesting... But for now it is back to mixing for me, well, mixing and graphics. Wish me luck and I can't wait for you to hear the finished product. It sounds Sweet!