Goals Accomplished

I am still glowing from my performance at the Hotel Utah last night. That probably sounds super conceited but it also happens to be true. My New Year's Resolution for 2012 was to go to the Hotel Utah Open Mic every week until they asked me to feature. I had such a good time at the open mic every week that I almost forgot about my goal, but that didn't stop it from happening. Last night I was the featured artist at the Hotel Utah Open Mic and I got to play a short set to a packed house and it was a blast! I put on a good show. I was really able to create one of those magical music bubbles-you know, the ones that wrap around the audience and envelope them into a world of the music's creation. It is very satisfying when it works.

So, goal #1 completed.

Now there's the album. Sometimes I literally cannot believe that it is almost done. I'm just pinching myself that it is finally going to be complete and mastered on Thursday. I'm speechless. I cannot wait for you guys to hear this thing, it sounds amazing! All those countless hours spent in the studio have paid off. I don't even know how to communicate how good it feels to finally reach this goal that I have been working towards for so long. It's Sweet.

Goal #2 almost completed.

Goal number three was kind of vauge. I've been setting this goal over and over throughout my musical career. To varying and inconsistant results. The goal? Get more gigs. I set this goal with renewed faith that I would accomplish it a couple weeks ago and a lot has happened since then. In addition to my CD release party which will be a gig of epic proportions, I have two gigs booked, a couple more in the works, and I found myself a weekly gig at a local restaurant. Now, when I thought to myself about what success would look like for this goal, it was one maybe two gigs a month. Clearly, the Universe had something else in mind. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it... in abundance!

Goal #3 ongoing.

I am just savoring this moment because it has been a rare feeling for me to feel satisfied with a job well done. More often I am raking myself over the coals for all the stuff I haven't done. Hopefully there will be a lot more of the former moving forward, but for right now: Deep Sigh of Satisfaction... and back to working on the poster for my weekly gig.