Get Outta Park

Lot's of exciting stuff happening lately. Find Shelter Here is officially available and I'm getting some good feedback from the folks who have been listening. Piles of Stones, my collaboration with Ben Hamilton, went incredibly well. The East Bay Media Center is my new favorite venue. If you were there, you know that the combination of cello, piano, and voice in a resonant space is a delicious thing for the ears to take in.

I'm looking forward to my show at the Bazaar Cafe with the very talented Oakshott. Her songs weave an entire world that is punctuated by her etherial voice and delicate melodies. The Bazaar Cafe has a very special place in my heart. It was the first place that I ever played my songs for strangers-at their Thursday night open mic. If you haven't been to this cafe, you are really missing out. They have wonderful live music every night of the week and serve everything from coffee and pie, to wine, beer and a mean chicken curry. I hope to see you on September 16th for what is sure to be a very beautiful evening.

I wrote a new song the other night that totally impressed me. I have been listening to a rough recording that I made of it a lot over the past couple days and I continue to enjoy it. I am really excited to play this one out. I am always excited when I write a new song, there is no other feeling like it, but this one is different. I literally think this is quite possibly the best song I've ever written. I'm calling it "get outta park" and I hope I get the chance to play it for you soon. If we're not already friends on facebook, make sure to find me there because I'll be posting the recording from last night's open mic later this week.

Oh, and I got a kitten. His name is Jackson and he is adorable. I'm not sure how he feels about my new song because I am still working on my kittenspeak, but I think he likes it too.