Octopi and Whales

Most of the time, it’s great to be a great singer. I love singing so much. It’s so much fun and there is so much release in it. I think that everyone should sing. And I don’t care what your grandma or your teacher said in 3rd grade. If you stopped judging yourself, you would start singing. Like, all the time. Why wouldn’t you?

Yup, great to be a great singer, except…. When you lose your voice.

So lately, I been drinking a lot of tea with honey and lemon, sucking on raw cloves of garlic, gargling with salt/turmeric water and, since I can’t practice, I am writing to you, about whatever I fancy. So, yea, I been working on this piano song. I would probably be singing over it if I could, but it’s just in the beginning stages. I think it’s kind of haunting and beautiful. I’m thinking about calling it “every song is like a dream I once had” the longest title ever for the song with no words…


Lately, I’ve been thinking about two of my favorite animals. Octopuses and whales. I’ve studies some shamanism and sometimes work with the energies of different animals as guides or teachers. I know it can sound a little kooky but it really works for me. The octopus helps me to navigate through my deepest and darkest pockets and turn that into treasure. The whale is the record keeper, the song of the whale is older than any human song. It is the song of the planet. The whale is the keeper of wisdom.

I’m on a mission to find out more about these awesome animals. I know a little, but I know there is a lot more to know. So hit me up with your favorite facts and stories if you have any.

Once I got to follow around an octopus for like an hour. It was a little one, but still really cool. I was snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands, I was probably 16 years old and we happened upon an octopus’s garden by accident and I was instantly mesmerized. The way these animals are able to blend in to their surroundings is uncanny and amazing to witness in real life. I noticed that when the octopus backed up onto a sea urchin and got poked how it would turn white for a moment and then instantly blend back in to the changed background. I don’t know how I ever got myself to stop watching it actually…

I later found out that octopuses are so smart that in captivity, they have been know to break out of their cages during the night, sneak into other enclosures and dine on fish, and then sneak back into their own cage as if nothing ever happened. Click here to watch a video of an octopus easily locomoting outside of the water. It’s pretty cool. And if you are at all interested, the link to the article at the bottom is worth clicking on. Super-fascinating.

Well, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am sure that with all this extra special care my voice is going to be well rested and in tip top shape for the big Lost Church gig! Hope I’ll be seeing you there because it is going to be a show that you do not want to miss. See my Shows Page for details.

Squishy, squishy octopus kisses,