Delicate and Subtle

The recording is going just great. We got all the basic tracking (drums, bass, and piano) done over the course of three days and it sounds fantastic! I was very pleased with myself because I was so prepared that it felt natural to play my parts while keeping up a steady rhythm, and I could focus on the sound of the band and just enjoy myself. I am so in love with the grand piano at Fantasy Studios. It is the nicest piano I have ever played and it was just delightful to get to play my songs on it for three days and really mine the instrument for all the wonderful dynamic range that it has.

There is definitely a kind of magic that happens in the studio. You discover new things and songs come together in ways that you didn't expect. The energy of the instruments working together in tandem is so exciting and invigorating. It was just a blast to work with such talented musicians and to actually feel like I was holding my own and keeping up my end of the trio well. I am so pleased with how it turned out and with my performance. I really couldn't be happier.

It was a little bit sad when it was over. It's the kind of thing where you look forward to and prepare for so long and then it all goes by too quickly and you miss it as soon as it's passed by. But I know no matter what, I will always treasure these moments of doing the basic tracking for this album. It really is like a dream come true to be working at a world-class studio like Fantasy with such an all-star team supporting me. I know I am also so blessed that the people surrounding me are not only talented, but wonderful to be around as well. Whatever happens with this record, I am so humbled and grateful that I get to have this experience in my life. 

I had a couple of days off and today I was back in the studio working on vocals. It was fun and challenging in a very different way. For one thing, it's just me in the live room and my producer and engineer in the control room. So the nature of the work is much smaller and focused on me as an individual. It has the potential to be a very high-pressure situation, but I felt really comfortable and at ease. I've been learning that singing live for a gig is very different than singing in the studio. It's like stage acting versus camera acting. Things that I am used to doing in a big and loud way can be done in a contained and delicate way. It was challenging because I am not used to it, but I actually felt like I discovered some really beautiful moments and connected with these tunes on a profound level by relating to them with such subtlety. 

We got six songs done, which is apparently "pretty unheard of" according to my experienced engineer, Adam. He said he would've been pleasantly surprised if we'd gotten four done, and was only expecting we would complete three. So I am giving myself a big pat on the back right about now. J

It is great working so intimately with him and Julie, my producer. I so appreciate their impeccable ears tuned towards capturing the essence of these songs. Julie is adept at communicating what she is looking for and making suggestions about how to execute it, and Adam is just such a master at his craft. He works so quickly and efficiently to make sure that everything is sounding great, and he manipulates the software so effortlessly he's always right on point and ready to get things set up for whatever the next step is. It's amazing to watch him work when I get to sit in the control room after we're done recording while we listen back and weave together the best takes into the final comp.

I’ve got another day of vocals tomorrow, then a week working with Julie outside of the studio to assess where we are at and finalize what’s left to record. Hopefully we can break my record and get seven songs done tomorrow-then all the lead vocals would be completed. Exciting! I’ll let you know how things are going again soon.