On Borrowed Time

In a perfect world, I would be telling you that RISE is completed and I can't stop doing happy little jigs all the time. As things actually stand, in what is commonly referred to as reality, we are just a handful of mixes and some mastering away from a completed album. This news has a huge silver lining to it because since we are NOT yet done, I don't have to say goodbye quite yet to this amazing time and the lovely people who have made this experience so wonderful.

And if you must know, there have still been some happy little jigs because the songs that we have completed mixing sound so good! They make me cry, they are that good. I really, really, really want to share them with you. I am chomping at the bit to even give you one little taste of the deliciousness I've been hearing. But I've decided to hold off and save it all for the big reveal. No appetizers at this banquet, but once dinner is served there will be 13 courses of flavorful songs to delightfully devour. Ok, so maybe I went a little bit too far with the food metaphor there, but you get the idea.

I've got some time off before we get back into the studio to finish off the mixing. So I've been making myself useful by starting to figure out what the heck I'm gonna do once this album is done. There is a whole world of endless tasks in the way of promotion and marketing: cd packaging, photo shoots, submitting the album for reviews, a cd release party, a tour of select cities; all of these things are percolating in my brain. I think partly I am trying to keep myself busy so I don't have to face the fact that this project is pretty much over.

It's been such an incredible process working on this record from start to finish. I am absolutely thrilled with how it's turning out and all the wonderful people who have lent their talents to make this project as good as it is. When I look back at where I was at the beginning of 2014 I am amazed by how far I've come and how much I've learned this year. I have been bold and courageous in pursuit of my dreams. I raised more money than I ever would've thought possible. I practiced my butt off and managed to hold my own playing with two of the most talented musicians I will ever meet. I spent hours and days carefully crafting and planning out the arrangements these songs. I have had the honor and the priviledge of working closely with the one and only Julie Wolf. I have been so incredibly blessed.

I hope as you look back on your year and take stock you can find your own host of things to hold dear and be proud of. I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. May light and peace be abundant in 2015.